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Introducing MotherEarth's very first foray into natural, chemical-free make up.


Our gentle lip and cheek tint, made with rosehip butter and rosehip oil will give your lips deep hydration and moisture, with a gentle pop of colour. With our natural tints derived from rock minerals, this is the perfect product for those 'no-makeup days'. Powered by vitamin A, Rosehip butter aids in the exfoliation of dry and dead skin cells, leaving your lips looking plump and youthful. 


Use on your cheeks as a natural blush, on your lips as a nourishing balm, and on your eye lids as a shimmery eye shadow.


Available in two colours: Floral Pink and Autumnal Rouge

Colour Me: Lip + Cheek Tint (10ml)

  • Rosehip Oil: Packed with essential fatty acids, rosehip deeply hydrates, nourishes, and heals the skin by supporting cell regeneration.

    Rice Bran Wax: Helps preserve moisture in the skin, acting as thin film coating the skin to prevent moisture evaporation. Perfect for dry and chapped lips.

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