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How a face mist can give your makeup a more flawless finish

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

The magic of a face mist is that it can and should be used both before applying make up and after when you are trying to refresh your make up after a long day.

Applying a Face Mist before Make Up

Face mists are perhaps the most underrated yet essential part of your skincare routine before applying make up. They prepare the skin in a number of ways, cleansing the pores and creating a thin protective barrier on the skin to prevent dirt and other substances from blocking the pores. This, together with their immensely effective hydrating capabilities gives a perfectly flawless smooth canvas on which to apply make up. This means your make up, particularly your foundation, will blend better, giving a more natural look.

Using MotherEarth's Magical Mist, before applying make up will mean that the Wu Zhu extract in this mist will work to illuminate and brighten the skin, giving you that glowy, dewy look to your make up. Our mist is also packed with hyaluronic acid and plant peptides, giving you that plump skin for an overall youthful look to your face when you apply make up.

Misting after Make Up

Using a face mist in between skincare and make up steps can help seal each product. Lightly spritzing your mist after applying your make up can help it set better, helping your make up last longer and giving you a more smooth finish by removing any excess powder. This prevents your make up from looking cakey, and keeps it looking fresh!

Refreshing your Make Up

We've heard about day to night outfits, but sometimes you need day-to-night make up. At the end of a long day at work, you might find that your make up needs a little refresh before a night out. Here's where a hydrating face mist comes to hand. A gentle spritz before topping up on your concealer or foundation can help blend the layers together better, giving you a natural look with no hint of the long day! Make up can also dehydrate your face over the course of the day. MotherEarth's face mists are powered by antioxidant and vitamin-C rich cucumber glycerol, which means that they will revive dull looking skin and restore your skin's natural glow even at the end of the day.

A product image of MotherEarth's Magical Mist laying on the ground with a rose and cucumber slices

What Face Mist shall I use?

At MotherEarth's Beauty, we've got two face mists for you to choose from, Magical Mist and Prebiotic Mist. Which one you opt for may depend on your skin-type. If you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, the prebiotics in the Prebiotic Mist will protect you from the bacteria in the environment that cause irritation, redness and spots, which people with sensitive skin often experience when they apply make up. The chamomile and cucumber content in this face mist will also instantly cool and soothe your skin, making it the perfect choice for you.

However, if you do not experience any skin sensitivities, we would recommend Magical Mist. That's because this mist has a higher proportion of skin brightening and plumping ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vegan collagen and plant peptides, which will leave your skin firm, supple and glowing, giving you the perfect base on which to apply your make up.

Made up your mind on which face mist to go for? Head over to our shop to get your preferred face mist now!

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