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How Wheat Protein Can Work Wonders For Your Hair.

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

As we celebrate the launch of our second haircare product and expand our haircare range with our brand new conditioner, Silk Root, it seems like the perfect opportunity to spotlight on a less known and understood natural ingredient for strong and luscious hair: Wheat Protein.

So how does wheat protein work and why is it so good for your hair?

It can help connect the broken bonds of your hair, strengthening and repairing damaged hair

Hair damage from heat and colouring is caused because these external sources affect the disulphide bonds of your hair. Wheat protein has a high concentration of these types of bonds, meaning that it can help connect the broken bonds of your hair, thereby repairing damaged hair (Source: Byrdie)

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Wheat Protein hydrates the hair shaft, giving your hair a healthier, shinier and more voluminous look

Wheat Protein works by locking in moisture into the hair shaft, allowing the hair to have a fuller, and bouncier look. Further, it works on the surface of the hair to leave a silky, glossy film, giving your hair a a noticeably silky and shinier look and an overall healthier appearance. (Source: Godrej)

Reduces hair breakage by improving hair elasticity

Finally, by providing deep hydration and repairing and strengthening the bonds of the hair, over time, wheat protein improves hair elasticity, meaning that it is less likely to break easily.

With these benefits and more, wheat protein is a must have ingredient in your haircare routine particularly for those with dry, damaged hair that has been exposed to excessive heat and chemical treatments over the years. Wheat protein is also a particularly powerful ingredient for those with curly hair, as wheat protein can significantly support with maintaining curl shape and strength. (Source: Byrdie)

So, what are you waiting for? Give MotherEarth's Silk Root Hair Conditioner a go today, infused with wheat protein and silk proteins to give your hair strength, shine and hydration.


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